Privacy Policy


Please be advised that this is the official privacy policy for This privacy policy governs the privacy practices of our website available at the URL: It does not govern the privacy practices of other websites, including websites that are linked to from our Site. Please understand that if you do not agree with any of our privacy practices you should immediately discontinue the use of our Site.

Safety and Security of Your Information

When you share information with you can rest easy knowing that the information stored on our servers is secure. We employ industry-standard best practices to make sure your information is not shared or published unless we intend it to be. We also make a good faith effort to work with service providers and contractors that provide similar assurances and safeguards to protect your information. As with most Internet sites, however, it is conceivable that a third party may unlawfully intercept or otherwise access the information you share with us and you expressly assume that risk by using our Site.

Information Collected

There are two categories of information we collect – General Information and Detailed Information. The information we collect from you specifically depends on how you interact with our Site. If you browse our Site as a casual visitor and do not fill out any of the forms then we only collect general information. On the other hand, if you interact with our Site by performing functions such as filling out a form to schedule a donation pickup then we collect more specific information which we call Detailed Information. Both categories of information are described below:

General Information – To improve our Site and to continue to provide quality services we collect a variety of general information from our visitors. This general information can help us answer questions such as what sections of our Site are popular, which geographic regions are our visitors from, and how are our visitors finding their way to our Site. In order to answer these questions, we may collect information such as the IP address of your computer or the query you typed into a search engine to find us. We, or the service providers we work with, may also store a small html file on your computer called a cookie. When you visit our Site in the future we may access this cookie so we can understand that you have visited our Site before. Please know that this file does not provide us with any personal information about you.

Detailed Information – To use additional features of our Site beyond merely browsing it, we man collect more detailed information about you including without limitation your name, zip code, and email address. Please know that all Detailed Information you share with us is preserved in the Database and is subject to our broad acceptable use policy described in the section titled “Acceptable Information Use and The Database” found below.

Acceptable Information Use and The Database

The information you share with us is first used to perform the functions you have requested from us. Additionally, the information that you share with us may be used by us or anyone else that we intend, for any and all lawful purposes, including without limitation to provide you with announcements and other information, both online and offline, whether through email, direct mail, or other communication method existing today or developed in the future.

Please be advised that all information you share with us is preserved in the Database and the compilation of the database is owned by us. We reserve the right to use the Database, or any portion thereof, for all lawful purposes including without limitation for disclosure to third parties.

This section is intended to convey to us a broad and irrevocable right to use the information you share with us in any way we desire, provided such use is lawful. We require this conveyance from our Site’s users not because we intend to do anything sinister with the information you share but rather because we cannot possibly anticipate all of the ways we may desire to use the information in the future.

Please discontinue using our Site immediately if you are not comfortable granting us the broadest discretion legally permissible with respect to usage of the information you share with us. Please know, however, that we will always endeavor to use the information you share with us lawfully and responsibly.

Other Information Disclosure Policies

In addition to the broad uses permitted in the Acceptable Information Use section above, we may also disclose the information you share with us to the contractors and other vendors who provide services to us including, without limitation: website hosting, marketing, development, and database services. These contractors and vendors provide services needed to make our Site function properly. Please know, however, that we use our best efforts to select quality service providers that respect information privacy and security.

We may be forced to share your information with third parties even when we might prefer not to, such as when compelled to do so by a government agency, court order, subpoena, or other legal process.

We may also share your information if we believe in our sole discretion that you have violated any law or regulation, including our Terms of Use Agreement. Similarly, we may disclose your information if we believe in our sole discretion that you threaten the safety of our Site or when we believe it is necessary to protect our business, resolve problems, or defend our interests.